Watch Usage Tips And Advice

Watch usage tips and advice
1. If your watch is with calendar function, please don’t adjust date during 21:00-3:00.
2. If your watch with ceramic or tungsten steel material, please protect it from strike, for these two kinds of material are easy to broken. 
3. Solvent, perfume, detergent and other cosmetic with chemicals, has certain corrosion to  gold paint of watch, and metal surface , should avoid touch them.
4. Use a toothbrush with soap water to clean Metal bracelet and waterproof case, dry with soft cloth.
5. If your watch not professional sports watch, please don’t wear in sports, to avoid affect normal work and stop. 
6. Should avoid contact with high magnetic field for a long time, like magnet, television, microwave…etc, which affect normal work and stop.
7. Avoid exposure to extremely high or very low humidity(overtop 60° or 140 F; below 0° or 32 F), and under the extreme difference in temperature.
8. Please lock the crown, to avoid water and speed up the waterproof fitting of aging.
9. If your watch not professional design for swimming, especially sea water, please avoid to wear in such activites.
Waterproof performance is not permanent guarantee, its effect by the gasket of aging or accidental impact, as maintenance instruction.