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    Especially designed OVERFLY brand for international market, in sports, leisure, individual character style, by a large number of classical and fashionable elements with colorful and show infinite energy of the young generation, feeling the charm of wearer's fast overfly forward.

    OVERFLY watches were sold to US, Asia and Europe, which is very popular with our customers.

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  • EYKI
  • EYKI:

    We are the young generation, chase all the dream!
    Young, we don’t fear challenges. Dream, we are on the way!
    Young, is not only a reflection of the body, is a state of mind!
    Chasing youth dreams, time to witness!

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  • KIMIO:
    KIMIO is charm women fashionable decoration, according to women different mood, love, dress, they choose KIMIO watch of different style to match, always beautiful.
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    "Born of proud" is the brand advocate of JIUSKO, it comes from everyone has positive, confidence and proud from grateful life .
    We are proud of every laughter, every decision, every success, every self, every time insisted, every time uninhibited...
    In this era, You always could get echo, resonate to these proud of you from----JIUSKO wristwatch.
    Concomitant of JIUSKO, you can climb the peak, explore the deep sea, enjoy the speed, deduce the honourable, feel the culture, create a romantic, beautiful, elegant, classic, and have a proud life!
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    Panmila watch, born in 2018,Committed to become a young people's favorite fast fashion watch brand, facing the new generation of young people, transfer personality, fashion, is the youth vigor and the trend fashion representative.
    Panmila Watch, provide fashion, personality, innovation, high quality watches for the pursuit of fast fashion and the young people who likes to keep up with the tide, meet their needs to cater for the trend, bring them more elements of fashion and happiness, and it’s confident design lead the new fashion of watch industry.